Question of the week.

I am going to start having a question of the week every Sunday night I will post a question on my Blog. The first person to answer this question will get two pieces of gum on one of the following days of the week. If you are wrong I will reply back and tell you that you are wrong.

How to find a good book.

When I think of reading a book I want to find a book that allot of people have read and enjoyed. But if I have to find a book that is not a popular one like for example a project for English. I would do research and make sure that I like the books topic. Because you never now if you just start reading you could be reading a book for girls, or something you really don’t like. When you find a book that looks interesting go to google and search it and see if you really like it. After you search and you see that you would like to read it, open the book to the middle and read one page[somewhere in the middle] to see for your self. Then you can start to read it. After you finish go online or talk to friends and recommend the book to people you think would like it.

Chat Room!!!!!!!!

“This room” is so that you can comment on things like sports, Nerf, band, manly percussion, things we are doing in class or school, peoples blogs you have seen from around the world, you can share them with us, thing that are happening in school ect. Comment allot because this will be here for a long time so comment away.

The rules:

            No bad language, do not talk about things that will hurt people, keep the topics on what i said above. That is it.

                                                                            P.S. Please Comment!!!!!!

Maximum Ride

Maximum ride is a book or a series of books. There are currently 5 books in the series. Maximum ride is about 6 bird kids. Part of the mother’s gene was used and part of the father’s gene was used and they added the gene of a bird. So they were born with wings, but are still normal kids really. Each kid’s wings look like a different bird. Now let me introduce you to the kids. The three oldest Iggy, Max or Maximum ride, and Fang. They are all 16. Max is the leader of the “flock”. The youngest is named angel, she is 6 years old. The other two are named Gassy and Nudge. Nudge is 8 and Gassy is 11. The 6 kids are flying around the world fighting other genetically altered species. Some are animals that are not very good flyers. Some are flyers. The place that the bird kids call the school is a place were they do the testing’s and experiments. They hate these places, every one they see they destroy it. Now this may seam like I am just leaving you out in the blue not really knowing much about the book. But I want YOU to read it for your self.

King Arthur The Hero?

My opinion is that king Arthur was not a hero he did not go straight into battle for his country. If you look at the post before this one you will notice that, a real hero is one that goes straight into battle as soon as he or she is called. A hero is a person that would go down trying, not give up to be rich and ruler of the Kingdom of country.